How to upgrade a very old Homey?

I want to start using an Homey 1.0 that has been powered off for several years. He boots and connects to my wifi as he had been installed in the past. However I am unable to add him to the Homey app or to my account.

I tried using an old phone with the old homey app but that also did not work. Are there possibilities to do a forced upgrade or upgrade the firmware via USB so that I can start using it again?

Removing all the data is not a problem as everything needs to be set-up anyhow. Who can help me?

You should be able to reset Homey and update to the latest Firmware,
just go into recovery and Connect it to the Wifi using the browser or new Mobile App.

It should upgrade to the latest firmware.
I have had contact last week as there was some issue, but it should work now.
If that doesn’t work contact Athom Support.

I tried that but after I connect my phone to the Wifi network of the Homey as the App instructs it tells me that the installation has issues and fails

I also tried to contact it via homey.local but then I am getting the following error message:’s server IP address could not be found.


Correct, read here:

But for this solution you Homey needs to be found in the App and somehow searching the Homey generates an error every time.

Dit is de oplossing. Hij heeft nu veel updates binnen gehaald en is weer benaderbaar via Web en de app

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Ik draai nog 1.5 en wil eventueel best updated - maar verlies ik dan alle devices/flows/etc?

Dat durf ik niet te zeggen. In mijn geval was het niet erg als ik de flows kwijt raakte omdat ik ook alle schakelaars gingen vervangen (van Kaku naar Zwave en zigbee)