How to set time in Homey

Hi all,

I’m terribly sorry to ask such a basic question, but I really can’t find it in the app and also not in the community.

My flows don’t give the right results because appearantly the time in my Homey is 1 hour earlier than the ‘real’ time. How do I adjust the time in Homey?

You can only change the location of your Homey and hope that fixes the time offset.

Location I see in the developer mode is Amsterdam, NL, which is good. Just to check, where can I set the location?

See here the Homey time and my (correct) Windows time:

Location is set in mobile app:
More → Settings → Locations

If you experience problems with location you can try to switch off “Find Homey’s location automatically” and move your location on the map manually.

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I tried, but no result :frowning:

Try pulling the plug for 10 minutes.

that worked!

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Hey I lost my internet connection for several days. Still haven’t got it back after 3 days. Then my flows started to act weired. I discovered that the time was wrong. My impression is that homey doesn’t really have a fully working clock that works without internet connection. The date and time seams to be reset to 9 o’clock the day I lost internet, with no possibillity to correct it.
Can this be correct, will it stop working correctly a short time after it goes offline?

I would think that Homey’s SOM has a realtime clock on board so it should* be able to keep the correct(-ish) time until it’s rebooted/power-cycled, but after that it will very likely revert to a default time until it is able to sync the clock with an external time server, for which it a) needs a working internet connection and b) depends on you configuring the location of Homey correctly.

(* being able to keep the correct time when the internet connection is down depends on a proper default configuration)