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How to set the output Fibaro Universal Binary Sensor

I’ve connected the Fibaro Universal Binary Sensor FGBS-0001 to Homey.
The inputs are working fine and I can use them in flows.
Now I want the output of this device to switch a relay.
How to do this? I cannot drag this device to the ‘then’ column!
Any suggestions?

You absolutly right about that. Because thats not possible. Time to read the user manuel of the fibaro

From the manuel….

OUT1 – output no. 1 assigned to input IN1 OUT2 – output no. 2 assigned to input IN2

the output 1 is switching when input 1 is activ ect

Pitty. You are right. Why did I bought it?
Are there other devices that can switch a relay?

What voltage is the relay’s coil?
Anyway, you can use the Fibaro single or dual relay. Those units are a relay themselves.

Maybe i don’t understand so plz correct me if am wrong.
U can attach a relais to the output of the sensor. Only thing not possible is to set the relais on and off remotely. But for that u can attach something to the input.
Like Rob is doin with this very same sensor and the doorbell project.
Link is in Dutch btw.