How to prevent data loss when switching between alpha and regular versions of Apps?

Somehow my Homey decided to remove all my historical solar panel production data when I switched between an alpha and the regular version of the SolarPanels App (or vice versa).

How can I prevent this kind of data loss in the future? (While still being able to switch versions)

Ask Athom (through this form) to provide guidelines to app developers how they can prevent this from happening. Or ask them to provide users with an “Are You Sure?” button if they’re switching to an incompatible app version. Or export your data to an external database periodically (although you won’t be able to import it back in again, AFAIK).

Export of app global settings is one option imho only for apps without devices like better Logic and countdown.
When you switch to a less stable channel everything is kept, but switching to a stabler channel it removed settings and devices.
Not sure it is documented but afaik it is the msg you get when changing channel.

I initially thought that just the insights data had been removed, but if an alpha device is incompatible with the stabler channel, and that device is being removed, I guess that the insights data related to that device are also removed.

For what I know switching In the store from alpha to beta or stable and switching from beta to stable always results in removing of settings and devices. As insights are property’s of the devices you can’t keep them and adopt to a new device.
If there is no alpha or beta in the store published install from Homey, more, apps, the app and press settings, there press update ! It will get the latest version but keep you in the channel you where and keep settings.