How can I test/install an update of an App without losing Insights data?

In the past I have created/tested the Growatt driver for the SolarPanels App. This driver is having login issues (Growatt might be blocking us) and I want to see whether I can improve this. However, back then I lost all my Insights data when I did something wrong with a test/alpha/beta build… :cry:

What’s the proper way to install a local build from my Mac on my Homey (and later the published version again) without losing Insights data?

Is homey app run safe for this? (And how to revert it?)

(Is only changing between alpha/beta/production “dangerous”, or also overwriting the production with a local build of the latest source code from GitHub?)

Providing you don’t uninstall the app you should be OK.
I often use run / install and have not lost anything so far.

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There’s also an option to save your insights up front. Search for “insights” and “export” in the app store.

That’s only export I believe?

No import/restore?

Afaik there’s no way to import data to Insights from outside sources.