Fibaro App, going from Alpha to Beta lost all devices

Participating in the Alpha test and had version .39 installed, then they released a new beta .41 and installed that.

But then lost all Fibaro devices, they are still visible in the Developer view but as “unknown” but in the App they are all gone.

Is there any way to recover or do I have to re-add all the devices again?

there is no other way then to re-pair (remove and re-add) all your fibaro devices to Homey, i guess you didn’t read the message that said “if you go back to beta/stable you will lose all your data, including devices and settings”


Didnt see that.

To avoid similar in the future, is it possible to jump between stable and beta without having the same problem?

As soon as you go “up” (so alpha to beta or stable, or from beta to stable) you will lose all devices.
If you go “down” (from stable to beta or alpha) you will keep all your devices.
So no, there is no jumping without issues if you do it via the appstore.

Unless you learn how to install over CLI, as with that you can go from alpha/beta to a CLI version to stable “without issues”, if everything works as planned that is, as there is a reason for why Athom implemented this.

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Ok, thanks for the information.