How to make ring my mobile with a flow

Hi, i just want to ring my mobile with a flow.
For exemple, I got water, or fire, or something like that, and I get my phone ring.
Thank you.

Homey can’t call you but you could look at apps for notifications

Fe Pushsafer Notification App for Homey | Homey

First, thank you for your answer.
I got homey Pro, does this app work with homey pro ? It seems not.
It is incredible that the Homey app is not able to play a sound.

You can send a notification to your phone:

Or you can use the app CallMeBot to send a Message.
I let a flow send a message to WhatsApp and did set a special warningsound for that chat.

It works fine with Pro 201x, but it won’t work on Pro 2023 IF the developer doesn’t upgrade the app.

Thank you.
I use notification, but I want also in this case that the mobile ring.

thank you.
I see, this is also a good solution

thank you.
I will try