How to get Zigbee app really switching the device on/off and dim?

Hi all,

I succeeded in adding a physical device (a zigbee dimmer wall switch) to my Homey app. I’ve created a brand new app with a specific driver for my ‘zigbee dimmer wall switch’ and the driver seems to work.

The app, drive and device are all getting initialized in the CLI, so seems to work fine. However the physical device does not react on the triggers i make in the app, so the light are not going on/off. Probably i have to do a lot more to get this working, is there someone here willing to help me in getting this work (or guide me in a clear direction)?

The app is more/less based on the Tuya Zigbee app, at least it should get the same functionality. Started this for learning purpose. I am not a developer. I can read some part of the code, but writing it and understand it is harder :slight_smile:

Any help is much appreciated!

I allready have:

Any JavaScript Developer here willing to help / guide me in the right direction?