How to diganosticate Zigbee problems?


I’m having Zigbee problems.

How the problems manifest themselves is that sporadically zigbee devices are no longer accessible. This means that they then simply no longer go to switch.

This can happen manually via the web interface as well as via flows.

Is there any way to diagnose these problems? Or any fix?


--------------- Homey Pro Overview v1.12 --------------
Homey version: 10.0.2
Homey model: Homey Pro (Early 2023) (4 core(s))
Uptime: 1509.17 (0 hour, 25 minutes, 9 seconds)
WiFi: Connected
Ethernet: Connected
Throttled: No (Currently: No)
Under voltage: No (Currently: No)
Update available: No
Storage: 2.66 GB (1.18 GB free)

------------------ Main ---------------------
2 Users (1 Owner, 0 Manager, 1 User, 0 Guest)
41 Apps (39 Stable, 1 Test, 1 Development/Community Appstore, 0 SDKv2, 41 SDKv3, 1 Updateable, 0 Disabled/Crashed)
19 Zones
250 Notifications (Timeline)
2 Logic Variables (1 Boolean (Yes/No), 0 Number, 1 String (Text))
25 Flows (0 Broken, 4 Disabled)
9 Advanced flows (0 Broken, 0 Disabled)
0 Alarms (0 Enabled)
16 HomeyScript scripts (0 Token/Tag)

----------------- Devices -------------------
1 Virtual devices
0 Infrared (database) devices
0 Z-Wave devices (0 Unsecure, 0 Secure (S0), 0 Secure (S2 Authenticated), 0 Secure (S2 Unauthenticated), 0 Router, 0 Battery, 0 Unreachable, 2 Unknown)
16 Zigbee devices (11 Router, 5 End device)

I had this problem to.
Lastest firmware was for me the solution.


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I am on v10.0.3-rc.4 and try to add “Wiser” and “Hue without the bridge” devices - but they will only add as zigbee devices.
Anyone, with similar issue but have found a solution - or any recommendations?

I don’t see how this is relevant for this thread, but if you mean they are added as generic Zigbee devices it means that there’s no support for them in any of the apps you installed.

OK got it - thx for fast response.