How to connect to IKEA Dirigera Matter BRIDGE?

Ikea just announced that their IKEA Dirigera Smarthub has enabled Matter Bridge functionality (beta - read more here).

Does anyone know how to connect a matter bridge to Homey Pro?? I can only find how to connect matter devices, but this seems different since it needs a QR code/code.

Are you asking in general, or are you having a specific issue with connecting the Dirigera to Homey? I assume that adding Matter devices offered by the Dirigera bridge works similar to Matter devices offered by the Hue bridge.

I can try to rephrase my question; How do I add a Matter Brigde which doesn’t have a Matter QR code?

Ikea, and other bridges, will be software updated to add bridge support. These devices was not a native matter bridge device with they launched, and will not have these QR codes printed on them. The process of adding Matter Devices (and bridges) in Homey require this QR code.

And the IKEA app (official app, not the Homey app) isn’t showing you one? That’s how it works for Hue, AFAIK.

Correct, the IKEA official app on the Phone does not show a QR code or other ways to add the bridge to 3rd parties.

Found the QR code! Thank you for pointing me to the official IKEA-app on the phone, @robertklep! I had to go to “Settings - Integrations - Matter Bridge - Create Matter Bridge”. This created the QR code. Thank you for your help! :slight_smile:

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I am having difficulties adding the Matter bridge to Homey Pro.
I manage to activate the Matter bridge in the IKEA app and add the code to the Homey app. It searches and tries to connect, but eventually fails. I have also tried adding the bridge to Homey with the iOS function. It successfully detects the DIRIGERA, but aren’t able to add it to the Homey Pro.

Any suggestions? (yes I have rebooted both devices.

Dirigera and Homey needs to communicate over the local network (LAN). Are they connected to the same network, and are you sure they can communicate with each other? Make sure you haven’t enabled client isolation or similar on you network (this is normally an advanced feature, and not something you enable if you don’t know that it is)

I just posted some of the process here. I assume you need the HP2023 to make this work. I also had to use the iOS way to connect it, as the Homey matter include didn’t do the trick: