How to clear timeline using a flow

I have several flows that generate an entry on the timeline just to record such data as the times people come and go and lights go on and off. Over time this can become a number of over 500+ entries.

Is it possible to remove the older entries from the timeline using a flow to say remove the 50 oldest entries once a day at midnight.

Anyone know the limit of entries on the timeline ?


I don’t think it is possible to clear the timeline at all from flows.
I like the idea though
I’m not sure of the limit but I know opening the Homey app takes longer when the number of entries increases so I often manually clear them all.

There used to be an app for that: [REQUEST] manage timeline with flowcard - #18 by Le_Cactus :stuck_out_tongue:

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I see that now, and looks like a current issue that is being discussed.
Seems a simple but valuable add on to Homey ?