[REQUEST] manage timeline with flowcard

Otherwise there is the Community Store! https://store.homey.community/

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Thats great!

Is it all ready on github?

Is there any news to report about the timeline manager app.

App is still being reviewed. Had to explain why/how/what/who… Hope the approve it soon.


Well, it was fun while it lasted… It got approved at 18:19, and was withdrawn again at 20:22. I using the public API Credentials and that is not allowed.

I’ve requested an own Web API key, let hope they will provide it. The same page (Welcome to the Web API documentation :wave: - Homey Web API) also states

Does your company have a great idea for an app? Contact us to request a Web API key.

I may not be a company, but I do think it’s a great idea :slight_smile:

Edit: Get it while you can, don’t know how long the page will be alive: Timeline Manager App voor Homey | Homey


Thanks Richard! Uwe pointed me to your neat app.
I got it installed in time :crazy_face:

Nevermind the logon thing😆


Thnx! Got the bearer token to! Only cant pick a category in the flowcard.

How did you get te bearer token, Peter? @Peter_de_Vos

Just here in the app settings

Thanks, I know😁, but I’ve 2FA enabled, and I got an error.

So uneanable it😀

Will do


Please restart the app and see if that fixes that problem. Does a ‘self-deleting-flow’ work?

I’ll have a look at it, although I doubt that I can upload a new build… For now you can only disable 2FA I guess

So I disabled 2FA, logged on, got a bearer token and restarted the app.
I made a flow “delete messages older than 1 day”.
It worked, but Homey got unrespinsive and the Timeline Manager got paused by Homey.
Restarting both Homey app and Timeline app solved it for now.

And I’ve 2FA is enabled again after this.

It works, but the notification won’t dissapear yet (set to 1min, now 5mins have passed)

Category pick works here, but messages don’t disappear.

No hurries!


I’m afraid I made a bit of a design flaw… I don’t ‘save’ the token, just hold it in memory. Only the credentials are stored, not the token itself. So every time the app (or Homey) is restarted it needs to obtain a new token, but with 2FA enabled that will fail.

I’ll change that in the next version.

I never experienced Homey becoming unresponsive. I did experience that sometimes the deletion of flows wasn’t shown in the mobile app. After restarting the mobile at they were gone. The webapp does show the deletions immediately; I guess that does a pull, while the mobile app uses a websocket

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The flow works

Just fyi,
This probably occurred when running the “remove msgs older than 1 day” flow

Perhaps I don’t understand the issue, but apps don’t require any credentials to be able to use the Web API. Only the correct permission (in app.json).