How to automatically ping devices and use the result

I can see for all the Zigbee devices it is possible to interview them or ping them.

Lately I had a doorlock that suddenly were offline because of the batteries, but I didn’t know that until it was to late (couln’t get in the door).

Is there already an app or a script maybe that you can set up to ping your physical devices (at least zigbee devices) like every hour or so?

If you don’t get an answer from one devices, it will return a message/notification/a red lamp somewhere.


This is a network checker app, but I don’t know if something like this could work.


I think, batterie devices cannot be pinged. The reason is, there go to a deep sleep and only communicate if a status is changing. Like a sensor.

Dit you get the Battery status in the device? (You can activate it in the settings of the device?)

If yes, you can send you self a message if the battery status is going under XX%?

Yes, I can ping battery devices. Look at this:


Yes, there is a battery status. But this doesn’t help much if the device stops communicating because of an error.
The problem here was multiple problem. The chip itself died and it drained the batteries empty after just 30 days.

Some battery operated devices can be pinged indeed, mostly those with bigger batteries , eg. Aqara Roller E1.
I don’t know how to ping, but this script might provide workaround.

For my Zigbee divices I use this script to see “lastseen”. It works fine.

Same kind of script insite this test: