Zigbee monitoring

Hello !

I’m working with an Homey Pro 2023.
I have a lot of zigbee devices.
Sometimes a device become unreachable : it do not send any information for a quite long time …

And I liked to know it became unreachable !!

How to get this information ?

In order to investigate this issue, is it possible to get some information about the routing ?

Thank you for your help !


It is not possible to monitor your zigbee network (at least not yet) but if you update to rc133 a lot of problems should go away.

I’m already with rc133.

I’m using script to monitor those devices - eg. when temperature sensors did not update their state for more then 1 hour, I know I have a problem

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I’m using your script with minor changes.
It is working but I’d like to invoke it from a flow where I’ll use the information : notReportingCount and DevicesNotReporting …

And … I don’t find how to achieve this …

Thank you for your help !