How to auto control lights based on time of day and not override manual switch control

I’m trialling the Homey Premium software. I do not own the Homey Bridge and have not purchased the Homey Pro hardware yet. The trial is very limiting because I cannot control any of my Philips Hue sensors or switches.

I want some reassurance before I buy the Homey Pro. Please confirm it would be possible to do the following with Homey Pro:

lux level is below X
motion is detected

turn on lights (at appropriate brightness to offset the low lux level)

the Hue Tap Dial switch was pressed in the last 30 secs

In plain language, I want lights to come on automatically to a specific setting, unless I’ve just manually controlled the lights using the switch. The problem I currently have (configured through Hue / HomeKit / SmartThings) is if I set the light mode via the switch… and then move, the auto setting immediately overrides my manual setting.

In general it’s not a problem with a Homey Pro. Such a flow would look like this:

– Motion is detected (this is the trigger, not the change within the lux value)

– Lux is below x
– Light is off

– Dim light to x %

The key is to query if the lamp is on or off. So if the light is already turned on, the flow will not execute the action card “Dim light to x %” (or whatever) and the light mode set via the Hue Tap Dial switch will not be overwritten.

OK thanks. And in this context, could I configure it to control not only Hue lights, but also a Twinkly light strip?

Yes, you can search for brands / models in the app store to see if it is supported. Often the available flowcards are also shown.

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