How to Add Popp Wall Switch in Homey V2.0

I have purchased a Popp Wall Switch z-wave device.
In the Popp app from Homey this device is not supported.( yet)
However,before V2.0 i had the possibility to add “another z-wave device” on
the laptop when a device was not supported in the app itself.
Unfortunately,in V2.0 it is not possible to add the z-wave device.( as far as i can see)
Is there another way to add my wall switch?

This is still possible. go to devices - add device - homey and you will see Z-wave

How simple can it be!:blush:
Many thanks MarceIR!

Hi, But you cant measure the energy. You can only swith it on and off.

I bought my switch beacause i wanted to measure my energyconsumtion for my electric car.

Hls Magnus