ABUS SHHA1000 z-wave plug sockets

Dear all,

I connected 3 x Abus SHHA1000, wireless plug sockets, to my z-wave environment.
I am able to switch ON/OFF the outlets. This basic function does work.
But I cannot measure the usage.
For me - the purchase of the devices was done since I want to monitor my power-usage.

Can somebody provide help?

Thx in advance

It looks like that model or the power measuring option is not supported

Thx Peter,

sorry - may question may sound naive.
I thought when a protocol like z-wave is supported, then the features are well included?
Especially 'cause it is such a basic feature.

How does it come that some features are included, others aren’t.
And how do I - as a customer - know?

YW, iak-hack.

  1. I think you should address your question to Athom.

  2. But, to say someting about it, let’s say the sales/marketing focusses on the ‘wow’ factor, but aren’t mentioning all the tiny but crucial details.
    That’s sadly a common issue for lots of products I think.

This is what they say should be possible with Homey:

In reality, for each (type of) device, there has to be a specific app. Take a look at the Tuya Zigbee app listing f.i.
You can see there’s f.i. not ‘a switch’ supported, but multiple specific switches with equal functionality.

Zwave and Zigbee do have a generic driver, so most lights and sockets can be switched & lights also dimmed.

And what’s a basic feature? A light should shine, a socket should switch on. For someone else a light should have 5 billion different colors…

Thanks Peter,

as a private user I check the vendor’s description/specification (eg bluetooth 4.0, z-wave, windows 10…)
and clarify with the device.
In this case homey speaks z-wave and the abus plug as well.
From the perspective of a customer - the abus features should become available on the homey, of course.
What else can I do?
It is not fair, that I find out of missing festures after the purchase.
It means that the product description, the specifications are worthless.
I just wonder?


Excuse me, but unfortunately I have to wake you up out of your dream.
This is unfortunately not the way a SmartHome works that supports a variety of different manufacturer products. Whether it’s Homey, Fibaro Home Center, homee or whatever.
Z-Wave is the basic requirement that devices can communicate with each other, nothing more, nothing less. If all functions are then supported is a completely different question. This depends on if all functions have been programmed into the code for that device, in this case the Abus app.
So the only way would be to contact the app developer and ask for adding the power measurement function. Probably this will not be successful, as the app developer has not been active for 2 years.

Maybe Athom will extend the Z-Wave core at some point so that wall plugs can be integrated as a general Z-Wave device, which will then also support power measurement. However, I don’t believe that this will be implemented in the short term. I think it’s also a dream… :wink:

Tip for the future: Check first the App Store if the device is supported by a Homey app, and check if the necessary function is supported (as @Peter_Kawa showed already). You could also ask the community before you buy a new device.

And if you want to use a SmartHome system without worrying about the compatibility of additional devices (more or less :wink:), then buy e.g. Philips Hue, Apple HomeKit, Fibaro HomeCenter but only in combination with Fibaro devices, Aeotec Smart Home Hub but only in combination with Aeotec devices.