How does an uninstalled app consume memory?

I uninstalled the Philips Hue App because it kept going rogue, yes Homey Support were engaged, they are aware of the issue but only recommended restating the app - I finally go to restarting the App every three hours when I came to conclusion I need a more reliable way to respond to the Hue Motion/Temp/Lux sensors and uninstalled the Athom Philips Hue App.

I have been reducing the load on Homey to make it more reliable for the things that it does so well.

But noticed the Philips Hue App is still consuming memory.

I have tried a reboot but…

Any ideas of how to really uninstall the Athom Philips Hue App?

What does the “last hour” chart show? Also, does the app appear in the memory statistics list in the mobile app?

Last value reported???

try removing the Graph data, also cleans up space in the Insights Database :wink:


I then cleared the cache on the insights

And no the Athom Philips Hue App is NOT showing in theMemory Stats.

What is the Insights tracking then ?

Very odd

Indeed strange. Perhaps time to ask Athom about it.

Tried to delete the insight log through the web api?

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Gulp No !!! :slight_smile:

I have no idea why I did not think of that!!!


I’ll give it a go - most devices/apps are all moved off Homey now as they where overloading it.

So reducing its workload so it can focus on the things I have not found any other way of doing it.

MQTT Client is my friend here :slight_smile: