How do delay and duration work in relation to each other

Dear all
I’m trying to make a good Wakeup light based on my alarm for sleep as android.
I want to start with one LIGHT, Ander after 28 minutes I want the next light tot urn on and also start slowly to get brighter.
Do I fill in:
Turn on
Delay: 28

Set brightness to

Or do I put nothing at delay because it counts from the moment the light is turned on?


Yep it starts at the first delay, so you have to put the 28 minutes delay in the next THEN

How do you mean first delay? From what? :slight_smile:

The delay is the time that it will take BEFORE the card fires. The duration is the time it will take the lamp to get from 0 to 80% brightness. So first card is lamp 1 on. Next card is lamp 2 on with a delay of 28 minutes. And so on. For the slowly getting brighter part u choose “dim lamp to “ card and with the duration u will give the time to get from 0 to 80% for example.

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