Add a delay to a flow execution

I am trying to reset all my light states (color and temperature) before any other scene is executed. This way I dont always have to set the default color and temp in each other flow.

For example:

  • Flow: Reset indoor lights color & temp
    • First I have a few cards that will set all color & temp
    • In the end all lights shall turn off completely

Then I have a flow for movie time:

  • Flow: Movie time
    • Card: Start flow Reset indoor lights color & temp
    • Then a few cards that will adjust all lights optimal for movie time

My problem
In the reset flow, the lights gets shut off before color & temp have a chance to be set. So I would like to have a delay between setting color & temp before the all lights are shut off:

  • Set all color & hue
  • Pause for 2 seconds
  • Turn off all lights

So, when I run “Movie time” it will execute like this:

  • All colors & hues are set properly
  • All lights are turned off
  • All lights gets reconfigured for movie time

How can I accomplish this in the best way? Would be so easy if we just had a “Wait” card to use…

Every card has a “delay” option…
Not sure if you have to translate the delays from the first card to the second card
and so on, but that can be tested.


Split upyour flows.
I have created multiple flows (scenes) that set the lights to a certein setting (Off, bright, dimmed, alarm etc)
The flows are started by a virtual device (you can also use “when this flow is started”

Now you can call these flows Using a delay.


All cards in the Action part start “at the same time” so delay have to be added from initial start of the Action part. i.e. if card two should start 3 seconds after card one it should have a 2 sec delay, and if card three should start 2 seconds after card two it should have a 5 second delay.