wil graag slimme lamp schakelen donker aan na 4 uur weer uit
would like to turn smart lamp on when its dark. and after 4 hours turn off

As this is the English parts of the forums plz ask your question just in English. No need to ask in Dutch also.

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Trigger card can be something like “the sun has set”.

In THEN you add a card to switch on the light(s) and add a card to switch that light off, with a delay of 240 minutes.

You can also ad in the IF part a logic card. If lux is less then 40. That way the flow also considers how dark it is in your house. Ofcourse you need a sensor that has a lux sensor(most motion sensors). For me this flow works quite nice. WHEN motion is detected in my livingroom, IF lux is less than 40 IF lamp is off, THEN turn on lamp THEN turn off lamp with a 240 min delay.

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