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Day/night activation

I have a Homey, fibaro dimmer and a neo coolcam for lights in my stairway.
I only want them to light on when it is dark.
I jhave gave input of 50 lux for the coolcam to work.
Now they turn on day and night.
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Show your flow, then someone can help you

Create a flow that sets a day/ night status (for example with virtual devices)
You can use time, sun set, or lux input from a sensor as a trigger

Then use that virtual device in the “and” column to prevent the flow running during the day

Thank you jpe419.

Here is my flow

Adding something like this?

see alsohttps://community.homey.app/t/help-needed-with-a-multisensor-6-for-light-during-showering/4070/9

Where did u input the 50 lux for the Coolcam?
With a simple logic card in the middle colom u can check for lux.
In the flow pages there is a Tag section on top of ur page. Click it and find ur Coolcam there.
There is a tag called “Helderheid”. Drag a logic card in the middle colom and select “is groter dan”. Then drag the tag into the card.

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I did the input 50 in “lichtsterkte inschakelniveau” (third adjustment above associations)

My problem is already solved with “and…after sunset”.
Though your solution is also working and thought me about tags.

This is only to switch devices u added to associations number 2.

okay , Thank you for your support.