Motion + Lumen sensor


I have a flow combining lights trigger based in motion when its getting dark. Works like a sharm, BUT I notice that the battery of my neocam sensor is empty after 3 Months. Is it possible to dissable the motion sensor unless iT is getting darker ?



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Dont know the neocam, but the philips motion sensor allows you to change the trigger intervals.
Motion trigger is default 3sec, I increased it to 6sec.
That increases batery life (according to the manual)

Check your neocam on this.
(For the philips the settings are even in the homey device)

Thanks, but will I have instant light when there is motion detected at night ?

Yes,but it will prevent sending motion triggers every 3sec when you are walking around in front of the motion sensor.
It has a min and max interval.
One is the minimum time it waits before sensing again (continuous motion or lux change), the other is the maximum time it waits before sending (no motion or lux)

I even put my kitchen at 180sec (triggering the radio to stay on at least another 10 min)