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Flow motion sensor HUE lamp

I have a problem with the next flow because the motion sensor ( NEO PIR V2 ) does not restart the counter ( COUNTDOWN APP ) when I am for more then 300 seconds in the room, even when I waving around with my hands. Problem is after timer reaches 0 the light turns off.

IF motion on AND light off THEN stop counter X, turn on light ( HUE PHILIPS )
IF motion off AND light on THEN start counter X for 300 seconds
IF counter X reaches zero AND light on THEN turn off light

does the sensor detects new motion in that time, and goes motion off in that time?

Timer will only stop when motion is detected AND light is off?
Best re-think this flow. And there is tons of flows like this on the forums!

It looks like no new motion is detected. Motion does not go off. I also in the kitchen have a NEO sensor. Motion sensor went on 23 minutes ago and there is still activity.

Like here is one u can use. This is closed. If u have any problems with that plz feel free to contact me.