Motion flow

Dear Homey Community,

I’m the new owner of Homey and just started to understand how it works but I think I have to most stupid question regarding Flows.

I want to have following flow

  1. Fibaro Motion sensor detects the movement - light ON
  2. No movement for 1 minute - light OFF

Can you please show me with the screenshot which flow I have to create? Thanks in advance.

U could use a countdown timer (there is an app for it) to set a timer of 1 minute. After the timer reaches 0 the light goes off.
U could also set the time the sensor goes off to 1 minute. U can adjust this in the sensor settings.

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I will really appreciate if you show me the screenshots

First download the Countdown app from the appstore.
Make a timer and call it anything u want. In my example it’s called kiki.
Then make 3 flows:


OR in 2 flows.
Start light and timer on
On end timer and condition motion sensor is off, kill light else start same timer again

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