Honeywell Home RTH9600WF Smart Color Thermostat

Energy Star Wi-Fi Programmable Touchscreen Alexa Read
I have two of these in my home. However they do not work with Resideo. They use a platform/APP/website called My Total Connect Comfort. Honeywell Home - My Total Connect Comfort I can talk to them via Alexa - but would like to have a direct link via Homey Pro. Anyone aware of any connections here?

More or less the same answer like here.

But because I’m not familiar with Honeywell and but there are already 2 apps for Honeywell devices available, you can ask Athom and/or Resideo Technologies, Inc. if they can add your thermostats.
If this isn’t possible, then you would have to make an official request for a new app.

Thank you sir.

You can expose the device to Homey via the Amazon Alexa app:

Worth a try,


I have the same issue. The Homey Honeywell apps do not support the 9600 series thermostats. If using Home Assistant, you can import the devices thru one of the Home Assistant apps. Appears to function OK but at times connections need refreshing. Would hope the Honeywell author could add thermostats other than the T50.

You have to contact the app developer and ask.

Thank you, I have mentioned it to the developer. Hoping it can be added.