Integrations Honeywell Pro Series zwave only t6 thermostat and Carrier Minisplit US-osk105 KSAIF0501

I have Zwave only Honeywell / Residieo th6320zw2003 t6 pro series z-wave. I can connect it as a device but no driver. I tried the Honeywell Home Homey APP and it keeps asking me to log on to the Honeywell or Residio Website and does not work. Help how do I get this to work?

Also, I have 2 Carrier Minisplits using a wifi dongle US-osk105 KSAIF0501 KSAIF0601AAA how can I integrate them ???

Both Apps in the store are for Specific Honeywell Thermostats. Homey App Store

Fe the App Honeywell Home evohome App for Homey | Homey is for the Evo Home and uses Cloud connect (thus asking to login)

Please contact Honeywell / Resideo to create an App for your model Thermostat.

Or create an Community App yourself or withe help pof a Community Member by requesting here: Homey Pro Community App Requests (Please read and follow the instructions)

I’m working on an app for the Honeywell T6 Pro Z-Wave thermostat, but have run into a blocker that might need Athom staff to help resolve. I’ll post in the forum when/if I can get it resolved.

That’s great please let me know when its available

Hi, I just bought a Honeywell T6R thermostat and I’ve created a Resideo account. I’m now trying to get the thermostat linked with Homey but I’m unable to link the thermostat.

When I start the procedure to link the thermostat it keeps failing when I click on “Allow” on the screen to allow Resideo and Homey to exchange data. Each time I click on “Allow” the Resideo login screen comes up again as seen in the screenshot below.

Does anyone know why I’m stuck in this loop?