Homey V5 (Discussion about v5 before it was released to stable)

This trick has passend many times this forum. But it is OK to remark it again in this topic! Some people are affraid for resetting the zigbee network. By me it’s works like ‘a raket’

Is it just link your devices again or do i reprogram my flows after a zigbee reset?

Its pair your devices again an modify the flows what affected. With an Ipad/tablet in your hand it’s pretty fast done.

Done it, and every device has a route now.

And it’s works ?

Yes! Works great!

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Did it cost you a lot of effort? Or do you recommend it to everyone? :wink:

It took me 1 day to reconnect 61 zigbee devices … fixing all flows etc (over 100) …after months of struggling with devices that randomly did not work…
seems all stable now, so yes recommend it for sure :dizzy::pray:

it took me an hour to register 23 devices and adjust about 15 flows. So YES!! it is definitely worth it.

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Pity there isn’t some tool allowing or better to say simplifying ZigBee reset… If I will be forced to reset my network, I’m thinking about using Homey Community backup and playing with json manual edit (sesrch&replace previous and new devices IDs) and re-importing flows back. Is it worth trying? Any thoughts? Skilled developer would be able to create some tool quite easily :slight_smile:

But what about re-adding all your devices after resetting the zigbee network?

Are you not forced to set each device into pairing mode again?
(I have 60 devices which of many are under the eaves of the roof - high up on same electrical circuit…)

Yes, you need to add each device to Homey again.

Hi guys, was wondering when v5 will go official live? Any indicative timeline? Thx!

Short answer: we don’t know.

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Long answer: We still don’t know!





Try this for permanent backup copies:


Just became a customer survey about the beta of v5. Athom says they are getting ready for a stable release of v5.
We probably won’t have to wait very much longer anymore,