Homey suddenly showed red ring for few seconds,,

My Homey is located beside my PC and i noticed this evening that sudden very short (1or2 seconds) Homey showed a red ring.
I never seen that before, so i tried to login and see what is happening, but i could not login.
Homey was ‘offline’, it still pinged but i could not get any connection to the interface.

After 2 minutes i tried again and i could login, Homey was loading all the apps, it looked liked it was rebooted, but it was not.
When i go into the settings of homey the uptime clearly shows that it was not restarted…

Anyone know what this could be, after about 10 minutes Homey was running ‘normal’ again.

If you’re still using the original powersupply of Homey, replace it with something better. A USB power supply with at least 2.4A or more should be okay.