@homey staff ... is Homey dead? ☠️

I’ve had my Homey for over 6 months now - haven’t seen a single new feature … only a single firmware update with a fix for polish language (and minor fixes).

In the meantime Home Assistent get new features all the time (like today).

Is Homey dead??? You owe to your customers to tell the truth.


How we should know… I’m glad Homey doesn’t get updated “all the time”.
I suggest you contact Athom if you really want answers: https://support.athom.com/hc/requests/new


I can assure you Homey isn’t dead. Sometime great things take time :smile:.
Also, a lot of Homey apps are being updated on a very regular basis, so the core firmware is only a part of the equation.


Homey is not dead at all. You need to wait for a while. I am sure some very great things are going to be a part of this fantastic equation.


And as Adrian already stated: new apps are constantly published and existing apps are updated with new functionality by Athom and unpaid community developers like Adrian and myself.

The core software from Homey is getting to a point where the platform functionality is solid and stable. So there is no need to often update Homey firmware. The real use cases are built with apps. And these apps are very much alive! So why do you think Homey is dead?


No reply from @Mojo. Is Mojo dead?


Is it really?


Mojo is walking the dog :sweat_smile:

At my place: yes!


Also at my place for my production Homey. I have that on stable firmware channel. It does all automations in my house and runs unattended for months in a row without issues.

I call that stable.


Cool, so no more posts about not being able to connect to WiFi, devices becoming unavailable for no reason, Zigbee issues, “Homey offline” problems and mysterious app crash reports! :partying_face:


Majority of apps is develop by “users” and not Homey and my post was aimed at “Homey staff”, so even though users are developing “plugins”, the Homey platform it self could be (feels) dead. I haven’t seen a single new feature in the App. Web app is still saying Beta and no new features here as well.

My post was aimed at the Homey staff - if they stil actively developing the Homey app (besides the minor firmware updates that doesn’t bring new features to the table). When will we se new features? When will web app go out of beta? … etc.

Home Assistent is spitting out new features every month, but Homey … seams dead.

It’s not enough with a solid platform. Home Assistent last month introduced “real” “if/then/else” … we’re still stuck with an terrible implementation of “if/then/else” in Homey … that is just one example.

I need Homey to be actively developed … and I haven’t seen that for as long as I have had my Homey … so again … to the Homey staff … is Homey dead?

I think it depends on what you call Homey. Athom has taken the reputation of what is now called Homey Pro and put that label on Homey cloud. I believe Athom thinks that is where the future is, and where all their effort goes.

But I tend to disagree. Even if they really open up the possibility for local lan access and Thread/matter, they made themselves fully dependent on OEM’s. They will never allow every community developer to deploy on their servers. And thus Homey Cloud will lack support for much wanted devices, and Homey Cloud will not be able to compete with other initiatives. People will learn that Homey cloud does not live up to all Homey Pro based claims.

So all the effort of Athom goes to an initiative that is bound to fail, only to find that really powerful systems such as Home Assistant have gotten easy enough to use to blow Homey Pro out of the water. And they will be to late to turn the tide.

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Yeah, if Athom had the amount of developers (as they don’t just let any one work on the core) as the amount of people working on Home Assistent (mostly based on community work), they might be able to do that too.

Don’t worry, Athom is constantly and actively developing (though mostly, currently, in the background), I promise that, on my AATP (alpha channel) and Moderator status :wink:


What are they working on in the background?

Homey’s software/core, and additional features.

(sorry, not allowed to specify exactly what)


Well that doesn’t prove to me, that Homey isn’t dead. I can only conclude, on what I can see … and I can see that nothing has happened (visually at least) to this product in many many months … that goes for the Mobile App and for the Web App (which after all these months) still says Beta.

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9th of May (last release of stable firmware update) isn’t many many months, that’s not even 1 month. (almost sure, but what is 1 month, the Zigbee rewrite took at least 6 months, the Z-wave rewrite took 4 months (publicly known, might have been going on longer)

Give me 5 new features in 2022, that has changed the way I can use the app/Homey? Not fixes, not improvements, language updates etc. but actual features?

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Idk man…
Athom is a (very small) company, HA a worldwide community project. Weird comparison.

Does your TV set / smartphone / Home cinema receiver / car multimedia system and what not, get new features and apps every week? And for free?
Why do you expect that?
For lots of smartphones there’s just nothing after 2 years, no security fixes, nada. And still lots of peeps go buy a new model without complaints…

For the white ball there’s been plenty of free fixes and additions.
And why is the web app’s beta status an issue? It works fine.