@homey staff ... is Homey dead? ☠️

You probably didn’t have Homey long enough… I have seen it growing from Firmware 0.1.3 or so :wink:

Athom just doesn’t release everything at once, some things take more time and will first be polished before release. That’s maybe a difference between an commercial company and what I thinks is more a Community project.

I am pretty sure the Athom team is working their Ass off to fix the current problems on Cloud / Bridge and on new features / services A …
Pretty sure they don’t only focus on Cloud but also actively work on Homey Pro features.

Guess someone will call it Awesome :wink:


Well my LG OLED is “dead”, there is not being actively developed new features only minor updates. I have to buy a 2022 model to get new features - same goes with my cinema receiver … by comparing to my TV and Home receiver, are you telling me that Homey is dead?

Smartphone gets new features with every update several times a year.

I stil ask you to list 5 new features in 2022?

About a year … list me 5 new features of 2022?

All these predictions :wink:

Roughly a Year … maybe a Year and a half they have been updating some core components

Pls read back from ~ Firmware version 5.0

One part was making everything ready for Cloud beside stabilisation from Zigbee and making it easier for development. Guess the Bridge also took quite some time (Probably more time Before the announcement than since the announcement )

I am pretty excited for what’s coming!
I understand that you still not see mayor changes recently, especially if you didn’t need the minor changes.

What I don’t understand that you open with @ homey staff where you ̶s̶h̶o̶u̶l̶d̶ ̶ could know that

  1. Athom in general isn’t communicating / reacting at the Community Forum
  2. Athom isn’t communicating about future features until they release it.
  3. Athom isn’t giving timelines about release or updates.

Maybe I am to long here but that is told pretty everywhere here on the community.

So if you don’t trust us, (the community) don’t ask us. Ask Athom directly although I already know the answer you get is 2 and 3 above. :wink:


That is not reassuring, that is part of the problem.

Don’t get me wrong: Homey Pro is a nice piece of kit and it works reasonably well. You can do a lot of fun stuff with it.

But Homey Pro’s business model is based on selling hardware. But there is barely any hardware to be sold due to component shortage. So unless Homey Cloud is booming, Athom is in big trouble. So all effort is on cloud, and Homey pro is on a lifeline.

And if Athom goes belly up, both Homey Cloud and Homey Pro go the Insteon way: Servers go down, hardware is next to useless pretty fast, and users go to Home Assistant.

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I didn’t ask you … I asked the Homey staff … it said that were clearly in the subject.

If I write them directly, no-one else will see their answer and I know from the danish group I’m in, that more people are asking the same (and from the likes here, at least 17 people is wondering the same) … and I’m sadly seeing more and more people selling their Homey in the group. I’ve invested too much money going from Apple HomeKit to Homey … just to see it die.

Feel free to (try) to join the Alpha channel, you’ll see the differ.

Where do I apply?

I sincerely hope they make it. I really do.

I fear the same.

The same place as you should have asked your very first question, their support mail form.
Do keep in mind, it is Alpha for a reason, things might break.

No Homey is not dead. A comparison to Home Assistant doesnt seem fair since they have like 3k contributers to it’s core software (seems hard to compete with). I also wonder what kind of features you expect? I get the web app beta argument but just pushing out features for the sake of it seems a wrong approach.

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Athom is always the first to compare their product with other commercial home automation systems, so why not compare it with any home automation system out there? (oh wait, Athom already did a comparison)

It’s by choice that Athom doesn’t have 3k contributors to its core software.

Personally, I would like to see a much better app development experience. I find developing apps for Homey is like pulling teeth: change one line of code and you can go through the whole song and dance of uploading an entire app to Homey (with its less than stellar WiFi), only to find out you made a typo and can start all over again.

Other that that, I’m sure a lot of users would very much like a more complete Zigbee implementation with grouping/binding/IAS zone enrollment.

Pretty sure that is not true, they invest in both Pro and Cloud and shared components like Mobile app and WepApp.

I am not afraid that that happens.

As said before: It has been for well over a year. I looked back the release notes for as far as they go, but nothing really worth mentioning is in there. So maybe they secretly worked on something amazing, but it has not shown. And as for shared resources: the web app is showing the same “under construction” pages it has been for months.

If they have been using that year to build something nice for Homey Pro too, they haven’t been very agile about it, which could have helped them focus on the right things. So now they run the risk they are heading in a direction that is not in line with expectations, or loose customers. And they are loosing customers this way. Their secretiveness isn’t helping but hurting.

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Since I am NOT on stable but. I am on experimental, I do know that core is regularly updated. Lucky for people who like a stable environment core stays experimental until testing has been completed.

I think Athom not taking part in the open forum makes their problem bigger. Especially when you do things that aren’t visible from the outside, you need to communicate about it. Going silent makes it easy for rumors to start spreading. Communication (lack of) seems to be their Achilles heel.


@nickevackerdag @Mojo @Edwin_D and others.

Pls tel that Athom directly,
never assume they will pick it up here!
(they might miss it in the mass daily messages.)

Athom can’t win either way. If they talk about things they are working on then everyone is saying when will it be ready and complain about it being late.
When they release things early and there’s problems, users complain about it not being ready.
As a few have said, they are busy working on new things but we can’t say what and have no idea when. But Homey is not dead by any means.