Homey Pro / Sun rises (AFTER ?)


Do you know any way I can set a flow 5 minutes AFTER the sun has rised?

Currently, I can only find options “The sun sets in X minutes” so BEFORE it rises. Can’t find any AFTER condition.


Thanks a lot!
A newbie question: so I do not need all the “Sun Condition” Apps I can find in the store right? I could do everything these Apps are doing from the Advanced Flow myself?

No, not “everything”, the Sun Events app has many more features. But turning on a light some time after sun rise can be implemented with the built-in cards.

This not clear for me what you want.

This is how I use it: “Sun set over -15 minutes”

So you can enter negative values using “-X” ?

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Strange. With the sunset card I can only select positive numbers. I always use the method @robertklep already suggested in this thread.

Possibly depends on the Pro model?
Pro 2019 has a selection of predefined numbers only, also no negative ones.

That is probably it. I am still running the “old” Homey Pro.

Why not use the Countdown app to set a 5 minute timer running when Sunset happens. Then do what you want when the Coundown finishes

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Keep it simple, just use a ”at sunrise” card, then put a delay/countdown of 5 minutes before the following action is started in the flow

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Simple. If sunrise is in 10 minutes , than wait 20 minutes etcetera

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