Homey Pro hangs/unreachable after a while


Since i have a homey (pro) i am facing the issue that after about 7-20 days it becomes unreachable
Very stressing when i’m on holidays and have to rely on heimdal for my home alarm
(and the alarm goes off when i’m back because the homey was not able to get my deactivation signal recieved by my hanging homey)

i tried this flow since a about four months but it seems not really to work

any clue?

What does “unreachable” mean? Does the Homey app say that Homey is offline?

homey constantly offline while the wifi is fine, and the led ring pattern of the homey is normal

That’s a common issue. See also this post.

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At the AND part try the time is between 23:00 and 24:00. Not totally sure but every 7 days starts at 0:00 and ends at 24:00. Your time gives it 1 minute to execute.

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His homey restarts from itself, mine not

It’s not crashing, he thinks it’s crashing because the app tells him Homey is offline. See this post: My Homey keeps crashing

I try a message at homey support, lets see if they find something in the log