[Homey Pro (Early 2023)] App unsupported list

I have a link to Foscam and wil notify them to check this post.


This app will not continue also
TKB Home App voor Homey | Homey

developer has said on github that he wont update to SDK3

Alternative for SDK3 - Network UPS Tools (NUT)

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Thanks @Martijn_C! I send them an email as well, as have other users on Slack done too.
Appreciated! :+1:t2::smiley:

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Even better, the big boss is on it as well :wink: :wink:


And they probably don’t want to mess with the big boss! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Thanks, great news that the solution is already there and “just” needs to be implemented!

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I am looking for an update of the App NorthQ. There no Developer access by the Store. Any Idea how it can be working?

Looked in another app from Adam, there is this email address as a contact option:

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Found the source on Github, but the app / his apps is/are unsupported since May 2020:

I think a PR is possible if anyone is interested to update the app.

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In progress for an sdk3 update.


LG Hombot

Currently in the process the get the new app in the store! See [APP][Pro] LG HomBot

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I’ve installed the Experimental version of the NEO Coolcam app (v3.0.1) on my new HP23 and added my siren/doorbell device. After the successful installation, the device keeps an red exclamation mark next to the siren/doorbell icon and when I try to activate it, I get the error message:

Please replace ‘new FLowCard()’ with "this.homey.flow.getCard()’

Does anyone else have this issue? Or is it a known issue and the developer is already working on it?

I have been using the new HP23 for 1.5 weeks now and I notice that it is very unstable when it comes to Z-wave plus devices. With my Fibaro and Indino equipment the error message I get a lot is:


When this happens I can’t control any Z-wave plus device anymore and I need to reboot my HP23 and wait for a couple of minutes the get control again. Some of my automatic time-bound flows sometimes work sometimes they don’t and manual flows that have to control multiple Z-wave plus devices at once sometimes only control a few of them.

Despite the fact that I have always installed the latest RC firmware, the stability has not improved unfortunately. Do more of you have this experience or is this really an individual problem of mine?

It is not a complaint and if a solution is already being worked on for this, then I’m very grateful, but I wanted to report it, in case this is not yet a known issue.

AFAIK there’s not always an issue tracker available, but you can find that info pretty easy

While I was on it:

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Then you are on the wrong place sir, please use the appropriate support channel:

Report an Issue

If you have encountered an issue, please report it so our team can fix it. Even if you think it has already been reported, knowing how often it occurs help a lot solving it.


Sorry if already discussed in the current or other threads. What is the status of the following apps: Wireless Weather Sensors, Roborock and Kodi? All of these are related to devices or services that are heavily used and sold throughout Europe and elsewhere. Sincerely hope they will have a functioning SDK3 app in Homey PRO 2023 (if I could code I would already be all over this).

Also, still surprising that Homey has no support for the Weber Connect system, and faulty apps for the Squeezebox systems and NAD amplifiers. If anyone want to pick these latter three up I can help out with testing and other non-code related tasks.


Xiaomi Mi Home Appstore (In test )

Looking for new developer

Am I right that I’m missing the Bluesound app ( Bluesound App voor Homey | Homey) in any of the lists?

Yes, the same for about 800 other apps that were already SDKv3 before the new Homey Pro (early 2023) was announced.
BlueSound is SDKv3 since aug 2020.

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ah, ok, makes sense of course, There only seems to be a problem with this app (installing an dissapearing from the app list) but I’m not able to test it by myself unfortunately.