[Homey Pro (Early 2023)] App unsupported list

I have just send a message to the dev if i can update and he will then publish and maintain or if i can take over the Ikea App.

I didn’t see that post from @rogierhofboer until you just send it.
So thanks :wink:


Great news, thank you! :pray:

All respect and gratitude for yours and all other developers work in updating these apps!



Does anybody know what the rules are if a developer is not updating his app anymore and doesn’t response on his github Remote Speak or email?
Can and may it be taken over? And if yes, is there somebody that can and want to to this?

His last response was on november 4th 2018.

Yeah, i have allready tried him many ways: no reactions.
There are rulls about them writen somewhere, just can’t find them now.

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My experience is that Athom will not pass the app without the OK from the old developer. Last chance would be to begin from scratch or fork the app and upload with a new app ID.

Old apps will be hidden (SDK2) or Athom will hide it on request if the developer does kot answer on Athoms request.

So you can add a second similar app but you need to add all devices again because of the new app ID.

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Thank you both for your explaining. The problem is that remote speak depends on remote speak that is installed on my android phone. This gives a token that must be filled in on the remote speak homey app. Without it it won’t work.

So if someone would make his own new remote speak homey app must also make a new kind of remote speak for the android phones and apple. To do this sounds dificult for me.

Or someone must find a way to give the text directly to google assistant on the android phone or siri on the apple. I don’t know if that is possible.

I allready have this: Homey Watchman (works also only on phone’s).
But it’s not ready to be published yet, altho it needs to be finished for hp2023.

The Watchman app i have been using already for about 4 years.
But with the re-writing of apps for HP2023, i finnaly can remove all personal coding from it to start publishing it.

Right now, it is still my main-personal app, which makes it hard to publish.
But asa soon as i have the HP2023 fully up and running (without watchman), ill remove all personal stuff (or a quick full rebuild) and publish it.


Wow. Really. This is great news. Your the best.

How does this work? Arie. Does it use the google assistant? Or do i need to install a app on the phone, like the remote speak?

Yeah, you need the/my (Homey) Watchman app on your phone (and optional your (Wear OS currently) smartwatch.
In Homey there is also an app which you can add phone/watches to.

And then you can speak to homey and it speaks back, just like it used to, back in the day.

‘Turn lights of in the living room’, stuff like that works automaticly.
But he/she/it also talks back, can confirm questions and send notifications.
And ofcoarse you can configure any flows with a “Has said […]” flowcards to activate special flows.

Sorry, bit off-topic.


Only a super developer like you is allowed to do that


For me it is more that when i’m not at home that it can speak a message on my phone when there is a break in at home or a water lekkage. So when i’m not home my phone get’s a written text that he announce in spoken words (Voice.)

Yeah that works: eather by using default Google voices and settings, or with the JSON of the Google Services, you can improve the voices for free (just a bit off work, just like with the google service app).


Love it. Can’t wait to try it. Now i just need to wait for youre app and HP2023. :wink:


Sounds really good Arie :clap:


Elgato StreamDeck Integration should now be fully compatible with Homey Pro 2023 with today’s released version.


Update on the Ring Doorbell and Camera app:

The app is fully converted to SDK3 and I was able to improve it a bit already in regards to some older bugs such as the occasional unauthorised problems (still not fully solved, ongoing). I was also able to improve adding and repairing devices by improving the logon process, regardless the MFA type being used (SMS or Authenticator App)

So is all ready to go? No, unfortunately the SDK3 code that runs fine on older Homey does not run as desired on a Homey Pro Early 2023. All functionality seems to be working except grabbing an image from a Doorbell using a flow. I think I’ve pinpointed the source of it not working and will get in touch with Athom on how to solve this.
Many thanks to @robertklep for helping me, confirming the problem and providing a code sample that reproduces the problem in an easy way!

To conclude; I’m not sure when I will publish a version to the test channel, I hope I can achieve this before Athom starts shipping Homeys but can’t guarantee anything but keeping you informed for now.


With many thanks to Espen Ljosand, there is a V3 version of the IKEA Tradfri Gateway App ready for test:

I’ve also added debouncing of the lights control, so when you use the dimmer control in the app, it doesn’t first bounce back, because of the smooth transition. Moods for a group of lights don’t seem to be available anymore, so I think this functionality can be removed from the app. The newer more global scenes are already supported.


Although CallMeBot (messaging to WhatsApp, FB, Signal and Telegram) already was on SDK3, I did have to make some changes to make it compatible with HP2023. I just released the new version :partying_face:


Thank you (and Espen Ljosand) very much! This is by far my most used app on the Homey and was a bit anxious when I ordered the Homey Pro 2023 that I would still be able to use your app by then.

Maybe a bit offtopic, but are there (also) plans to incorporate the new Dirigera gateway in your app?

Please post this question in the appropriate topic. Not in the topic about Homey Pro 2023 support.
Thank you!