Homey Pro Backups (formerly Homey+) subscription

I also like this approach,
The 1 euro a month per a subscription will not make them rich but afaik just to compensate for the extra cloud storage cost. And maybe their cost per homey are low as backups are small, this is only the first additional added function not for free.

This way they sell a product without the need for a subscription that anyone can test and I have to say that is often how I look for gadgets, I want a basic function without a need for a subscription. Then for fe cloud storage on cams I choose if i want a subscription.

The decision to choose for cloud backups now is imho more about a real simple solution that less techie users can use. No need for a PC or Nas storage and users needing SMB or ftp or … a solution that makes it easy and stable without the risk users expect they have a back-up but will contact Athom support for all kind of issues like faulty Nas configuration or problems with restores.

Waiting for the next Homey+ feature.


…or just a button in the mobile app to download and upload backup files.


First of, they sure aren’t the only ones that put basic functionality in a subscription.
I have to pay 30€/year for my Ring doorbel, otherwise I can only watch live feeds which is totally useless. If someone broke in, I want a recording of that…
Secondly, it’s called Homey+, so I’m pretty confident that the backup functionality is only the first in a list of extras that will be included with the subscription.

Your reasoning that the second hand market will explode is only based on your logic that you don’t want to pay for it, I have no problem at all paying if it’s only 10€/year, that’s peanuts. Hell, I pay 300€/year for Spotify and Netflix!


Yeah of course that was a possible way to enable the local option but makes a daily automatic set and forget option more complex. (And I can’t think of a easy solution to enable that) Every choice for an direction on the implementation has impact on many other aspects. Like usability options

but now again I changed to the topic of backup that I suggested myself to discus in the other topic. Again about the subscription:

Do you have any source? I hope we can stay away from assumptions or suggestions that there is a financial problem.

Last info I got sales where still (very) good (But I know they are not open on sales numbers), and the cost of a Homey+ subscription is ~ the cost of cloud storage and payment processing. Even if all Homey owners would pay that subscription fee and they did not need to buy the cloud storage that would by far not be enough to keep a company like Athom alive.

I surely hope many Homey owners buy a Pro now that they can easily upgrade and Athom gets some time to soon fix the nasty bugs (like Zigbee where we all are waiting for a longtime.) and develop nice new functions. Both free upgrades and Homey+ features.

And if you buy a subscription, or stay without (cloud) backup like the past and other consumer products, I am more interested in reading what other features you would like to see appear and would be willing to pay a small or maybe larger subscription fee for.
Like dasboards, certain apps or integrations.

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Guys, for 12eur a year Synology is giving you 100gb for backup. All this they still make a profit otherwise they will not offer it. So let’s stop saying 10eur a year is cost for the storage.

Backup will take how much? Megabytes possibly?

P. S. I do still think offer is good and I’ll be one of the first to subscribe.


Omg… I am speechless!

Exactly, quick back-of-the-envelope calculation gives me that their total storage costs are somewhere in the region of €200 a month for 5000 users (probably a lot less). Total income is €5000 a month.

Microsoft gives you Office365 and 6TB for 99€/year (way less if you order from another site) so in that logic I can say that Synology is scamming you if they ask 12€/year for 100GB.
Stop comparing “apples and pears”.

Does it matter? You pay for the SERVICE, not the costs… it’s about the work they put in and the service itself being there. If you start thinking about “production costs” I would suggest you start at why you bought homey in the first place because the hardware doesn’t set you back more then 20 euros. Please stop “reasoning” a company to death


Sure, so I don’t understand why people keep trying to convince others that the amount that users will be paying are about the same as the cost of cloud storage and payment processing. That’s simply not true.


If my Homey Pro dies, my house dies, and the electrical bill will sky rocket, so 10 euros is nada!


What are apples and what are pears here? If pears are o365 then yes I agree but you brought to this discussion 0365 that is completely different product with completely different pricing. Costs about 10 times more, or in percentage 1000% more.

Athom is giving you for 10 Eur a year cloud backup for its own device with multiple point in time restore points. Synology is giving you exactly the same thing, cloud backup for its own device with multiple point in time, only its 12Eur. Everything else is the same, backup agent for their synology nas, configs, data, quite the same actually.

Once again, Athoms offer is decent and I’m going for it. We are discussing here if this is only storage cost or there is actually some profit behind it. I really hope and actually I count on some profit for the athom to give them support and some income from my side.


My ideas would go to premium support (i.e. faster and more time invested support), possibly some say in future feature development (proper user feedback like popular devices, popular features), possible advantage in future purchases or similar. I would like to see this in basic subscription model. That way most of the users would be like “tempted” to be included in the basic Homey+ which would possibly trigger Athom for some new services and new sub models.

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That sounds terrible… and I just bought my homey. :confused:
Wouldn’t have bought it if I had known that they planning a subscription
I wonder which features they will remove to make us pay for it.

No one said there will be anything removed In favour of the subscription!

And you don’t miss anything that was I the box when you bought it,
It fully functions, only when you want to upgrade to a Pro or would like to restore your config when homey broke and you get a replacement or get Homey back from repair. Then you need a subscription for Homey cloud backup or rebuild your configuration and flows manually.

For conclusion about other things you are going to miss if you don’t want the subscription please wait until the official announcement.


Can I pay today? Please give me homey 4.0. Don’t mind 10 euro’s at all. I want that back up. Thru homey energy have already saved more than 250 euro’s so I really don’t mind


Thanks, i see a saying for a tile on the toilet at Athom!

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  • I didn’t read previous messages, maybe my two cents are already said *

Of course is not a lot 10euros/months BUT it would be so nice to have access manually to this backups like:

  • You pay 10€/month - Ahtom takes care of your homey with daily backups on a cloud. An issue with your Homey ? Log in with your account of your brand new Homey and it automatically download your last backup from Athom’s cloud.

  • You don’t pay - You are able to download manually a backup from your homey and stock it wherever you want. An issue with your Homey ? Log in with your account of your brand new Homey, go to “Settings” -> “Make my new Homey like the one he used to be” -> Select your backup on your network (pc, nas,…) and it’s done !

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Interesting, how did homey energy saved you 250 Euro?

yeah I hop you are correct. I have other experiences with smart home companies… just look at tado.
I will come back to that comment in 2 years