Homey Pro Backups (formerly Homey+) subscription

It is 1€/month or 10€/Year which is quite a difference :grinning:


10 a month would be just about 10 times too much. :blush: 10 a year realistically is correct price. Like said before same pricing I saw in Synology which I also took.

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Well since I have energy I saw the amount of usage thru several wall plugs. I saw that I was using a lot on several machines such as the washing machine. So I made some flows and now every Sunday night I get the usage of the wash machine dishwasher dryer coffee machine ect. I found that the wash machine used a lot so I bought a new one. It will take me two years to earn back this money. The dishwasher we use a different program. This saves me half the amount of energie for the dishwasher. Further the wife becomes enthousiast now to save so she is trying to wash and dry more during the night. All together this makes the 250 savings


the contributions and opinions about homey+ sometimes amusing and understandable. everything about homey+ and the perhaps avaible backup option is also, at least for me, a certificate of poverty and it also sucks.

before buying homey in 2016, i asked athom for an option like a backup. the customer happiness manager anne announced that a backup should be possible in the upcoming weeks. the months moved into the country and you were always put off after multiple questions.

new hope was the mention of a backup option with version 3.2.x. dandelion. but what came up? it was a gretha-climate-firlefanz-function.

when homey-pro arrived the world of athom, a backup and migration option from homey-standard to homey-pro was promised in a mail within and perhaps in two months but nothing happens again. my homey-pro has never seen the daylight. it is originally packed and unloved in the closet.

now with version 4, backup and migration should finally be possible for a fee. after more than three years and empty promises. didn’t understand this! why should i now suddenly pay something for a guaranteed option over 3(!) years ago?

for me quite simply:

homey is the 6th system at home. the nice-looking ball does its job properly with more than 500 flows and more than 150 devices. sometimes homey does magic things and forces you to restart, but i think homey demands more attention, love, nice words and affection here.

looking back, the round bowl has failed completely twice in the past years: first, an error in the user database after an update and second a broken power supply. both times, athom reacts within a few hours.

for me is homey itself very good and recommendable product. if i will be a friend of athom in future i don’t know. they are like my homey: sometimes doing magical things.

as i mentioned in slack: there is nothing for free in our life. not even death, it costs life. waiting for doing my subscription and for the perfect moment to unbox my homey-pro.


The big difference here is that atom is community driven. Ring / Spotify / Netflix make everything by their own, or pay people who do that.

The big succes of athom is partly by users who make great apps.

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Is option 2 available?
Then it’s a bit better, but when this is the case, you pay €10 a year just for some diskspace.

Oops ! Anyway, my opinion is more about “the way to do” than the price :slight_smile:

I don’t have a problem with the subscription per se, if it stays a reasonable amount like the €10 per year and it’s not sneakily increased year-on-year.
But basic functionality like a backup/restore function should come as standard.
A manual backup on the basic Homey and an automatic on the Homey+ I would see as fair enough.

But I do think we need to see some more transparent communication from the developers, I want to make decisions for the longer term. If all new additions are going to be an extra fee per addition, I would probably jump ship to some other solution. If all additions will be included in the Homey+, that would be reasonable. I also think current owners of the Homey and new buyers should get something like the first year free. Which will probably help Athom with the adoption rates as well. If Athom with this subscription model could employ an extra coder and speed up development that would be fantastic. Again they should tell us about that and if we can expect faster development I’m sure that would help with the adoption rates as well.

Another thing that a few posters above have pointed out already, the likes of security features compete with Heimdall and backup/restore apps compete with Homey+, which could lead to some form of censorship on apps/API’s by Athom. Which is something we need clear guidelines for in order to make decision.

All in all I’m still on the fence (especially since there is no official, elaborate announcement yet. It all depends on how Athom is going to communicate with us, the customers.

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Nope, this is not available. I guess @Julien_Moors was just daydreaming…
I don’t expect that to come, but don’t hesitate to ask Athom using the feature request form.

A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.
John Lennon


This has been a problem since the very start of the Kickstarter campaign in 2014(!) and has hardly gotten better.
Don’t hold your breath…

If you are talking about the communication by Athom it was imho much better and opener just after the release until they got problems with one of the community members that lead to a case at the Advertising Code Committee.
Before that the early adapters got some info, that echoed thru fora and came back in post from other fora that you could not recognise the original msg.

That in combination they advertised the Homey v1 while they communicated the change to mobile only and removing of some less successful functionality lead to the situation we need to wait until it is officially communicated and announced when it is ready.

Sad, but this is how I see they are holding back about communication what comes and when. They avoid that situation of imho bad energy.

Thanks Frans for sharing your experiences!

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I couldn’t be more shocked. The lack of a supported local backup feature has been nagging ever since i bought my Homey. A subscription model where I am ‘offered’ backup of my (quite pricey) Homey for a fee leaves me with the notion of Corleone sitting behind a desk believing he has an offer I cannot refuse. If this does not change, my Homey will be decommissioned.


That looks a bit more expensive to me🤔


Yearh, a wee bit more, although I consider the Homey a sunk cost

:neutral_face: of which I might recover something of by selling it as secondhand.
However, I am seriously considering the fact of repurposing my old RaspBerry, toss in a bit of Hass.io use a week or so to move all Z-Wave devices and rewrite all my flows … gaining so much control over my Hue that I in fact will be able to react on events like a physical light switch be turning on a hue bulb … the ability to detect people in my household (and part of my family sharing experience - iOS) going away / coming home (ie. no more app requirements) … insights not store in a cloud … a fairly good GUI with scripting capabilities that can be used from a PC / Mac … backup(!) … In my optics, this latest development is really going to sweeten the blow, and Athom will have one more disappointed former customer ¯\(ツ)

Just as a small rectification,
insights are not stored in the cloud but on your Homey, locally.
Until cloud backups are there, nothing in terms of information is stored in the cloud.

And Homey script can also be written on your PC and/or MAC

Hue bulbs, in terms of meshes, it is bad to turn off the power any way, but that is just my opinion.


I stand corrected
a) insights are accessible (through browser - not part of visualization in app) when in island mode
b) fair point
c) yearh, would be nice if the family would adhere to that. However, in my case it would be neat to be able to trigger hues to turn on when someone changes the state to on of a specific bulb (including power on) - and even to see the state of a bulb being physically turned off.

However, my point above was that this latest development will easily be the last nail in the coffin of Homey for me. I’ve been waiting for a simple backup solution for so long and now it turns out to be something I only get if I pay for a copy of something I wrote (my flows)? Just imagine if your firewall / Wi-Fi had the same ‘feature’ requiring you to pay for backup?
Fair enough if someone wants the one-click-we-backup-and-restore-for-you option. Eur10 per year would not be a big deal there. However, I already paid big bucks for this sphere. I do not need the bells and whistles, just a simple ‘download’ / ‘upload’ feature accessible from a browser.Is that to much to ask for?


Ok, to summarize and go back on-topic.

  • You don’t like a subscription model for your Homey.
  • You don’t like the Cloud (backup) solution.
  • You have many other griefs about the solution Athom chooses. (as written here and in the other Topic )

Although it is not final and complet released by Athom I am pretty sure this is not going to change an while I know Athom reads along the lines this is a community forum and no official communication with Athom. I suppose you already have complained directly to Athom using the Support system.

What soon will be officially communicated about the Homey + Subscription and the Homey Cloud Backup is their decision about the features the way they make them available and can support.

If you choose to build your own system I am confident you will build everything the way you want. Thanks for your contribution to the Community so far.

Back to the topic about the Homey + Subscription!


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