My (quite pricey) Homey - split offtoppic discussion

Fibaro HC2 - Zwave only: 459€ (
Zipato Zipabox- No protocols included!: 199€ (

Lots of other examples over at Robbshop you can check that are way more expensive.
Even your Raspi will be about the same price if you buy Zigbee, Z-wave, 433Mhz, 866Mhz extensions.

Do you want them to give it away for free? They could do a subscription format? 9,99€/month? :wink:


No it won’t:

So total costs about €120

Differences with Homey:

  • 1.5Ghz quad core processor (Homey: 1Ghz single core, Homey Pro: 1Ghz dual core)
  • 1GB memory with the option to choose 2GB or 4GB (Homey: 512MB, Homey Pro: 1GB)
  • 2.4/5Ghz WiFi (Homey/Homey Pro: 2.4Ghz only)
  • Ethernet (Homey/Homey Pro: n/a)
  • No IR (Homey/Homey Pro have 6 transmitters, 1 receiver)
  • Free Local Backups (Homey/Homey Pro: n/a)
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As iam looking at the total costs of what i spent at homeautomation €10 a year is nothing. So where can i signed up :+1:


Please try to make it at least a little comparable? Homey is a device that is made to be shown, that costs money. Custom casings and circuit boards are not free.

Also, when Homey became available there was no Raspi 4, only the first version, so comparing a device that’s been available for 5 years with a new device seems incorrect to me.

moderator split, Be free to discus it here but this has nothing to do with a Homey + subscription.

I think people are missing the point; I just want to be able to get a local backup every now and then. Just like I do with my firewall and my WiFi router. And yes EUR10 a year is a steal, but I want to be able to cut ties with Athom in case I want to go full-blown island mode or they go belly-up (let’s hope that will not be the case).
Anyway, seems as if people are set on this “let’s go for subscription” so I will let it be :zipper_mouth_face:

I didn’t bring up the comparison.

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