Hass or Homey?

Anyone here that switched from Hass to Homey or the other way around? And why? Currently running Hass but Homey seems a very complete package with all the receivers in there. https://100001.onl/

Any thoughts?

Welcome to the community @viniebenet3

You will find people who have switched (to and from) here.

Personally every time I have another attempted at HASS. I gain a better appreciation for the ecosystem and skill of the community developers here.

Flows, Community developers and ease/speed of setup will all blow you mind.

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I tried Hass before moving to Homey and Homey wins hands down for ease of use for most things. Having all the radios available is a big bonus but they can be added to a RaspberryPi to work with Hass. Some might even argue they work better on a Pi but I have no experience with that. Personally I have very few problems with ZWave and WiFi on Homey and only use Zigbee through the Hue hub connected to Homey.
I haven’t looked at Hass for over 2 years now so maybe that has also improved.
At the end of the day it is personal preference and skills that will be the deciding factor.

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In theory, you’re absolutely right. But in practice, Homey suffers from issues that make life with it difficult for some people. I’ve been using HA for almost a year now and it’s super stable for me. It’s also more open (in terms of development), it supports more of my devices, and I can run it on the hardware of my liking (a Synology NAS).

The “all-in-one” solution is great if it works for you, but if it doesn’t, you’re pretty much stuck to either living with the consequences (like the lack of support for a lot of Zigbee devices) or you have to buy additional hardware (like people buying IR transceivers or third-party Zigbee hubs because Homey doesn’t work properly).

Talking about which: for about €30 you can buy a Zigbee USB stick for HA (that works brilliantly). Similar price for Z-Wave, similar price for IR, similar price for a Raspberry PI to run everything.

Downsides to HA are the somewhat arcane configuration system (where you have to restart HA after config changes) and the textual method of managing automations (if you don’t want to use Node-RED or the built-in automations editor).

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