Homey pro and airco

Hello all,

I have search the community forum for my question but i can’t find it. Hopefully someone could help me.

I have a homey pro, a daikin split airco and a homewizard p1 device.
My goal is to use the airco when the sun is powering some sunpanels. So i use all electricity to my airco and don’t deliver it back to the power company.

I used the advanced flow and set something up, but i don’t know if it’s correct and if it could be on an easier way.
What i set up: When the p1 app shows a -600wattage in the app, my airco is turning on. Then the flow activate another flow who checks when the wattage is -50 to turn the airco off.
The downside is that the airco goes on and off for some time when it’s cloudy and sunny on the same day.
Is there another way to let the airco on when small clouds disturb the sunpanels for a small time? Or do i set it totally wrong up? Also, what are the red and orange lines in the advantage menu? What’s the difference between the blue one?

Thanks in advance!

Second flow after the first one.

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You could try one of the timer apps and trigger a timer when the power drops below -50, then turn of the ac when the timer finishes. If the power goes back up before the time has finished then cancel it, so it doesn’t time out and switch off the ax.

You can also do it in advanced flows:
When: power has changed
AND: (logic) power more than -50
AND: airco is on
AND: wait for 3 min
AND: (logic) power more than -50. {this is a second check}
THEN: switch aitco off

Wow thanks, didn’t know there are apps.
You mean something like this:

The timer reset when in the time the values are changing?

I’m correct you could only make this work with 2 flows? (because i only can set the -50 wattage trigger at the beginnning (when section), and not in the and or then function.

You mean like this?

(for my own learning, when the sun shines on the second logic check. Does the loop starts automatic again at the first logic? (so it keeps looping/repeating untill the values are bigger dan 50?)

(is it correct, the ALL tab didn’t work with two start triggers?)

The only issue with that Flow is it continues to run while the timer is running, so you could have multiple Flows running if the power fluctuates. Also, if the power does fluctuate, it could have dropped momentarily as a cloud passed, which triggers the Flow and then another cloud quickly passes just as the timer ends and it switches off the AC.
Using a timer app gets around that problem.
One thing to remember is once a Flow is triggered, it runs until completion and can’t be stopped. Secondly, a Flow is started by one trigger at the instant it occurs, so using multiple triggers is always an OR.

CountDown is the one I use, but there are others and they are all good, so I don’t want to push one over another.

Thank you for explaining!
The only thing i consider is that other apps can’t be updated by the user, so it could be the flows didn’t work anymore. I had this problem before, and if you don’t know where to look it’s really frustrating :stuck_out_tongue:
I consider the first or second solution. Maybe i place an (and) tab with some months, so the ac don’t fluctuate between cooling and warming rapitly between each other.