Homewizard P1 and Toon

Hi guys,

I’ve got an Eneco Toon V1. (Not rooted, with subscription) Unfortunately the info that Homey gets from Toon is not complete because Eneco or Toon did something with the API resulting that it doesn’t work as it used to.

In the Kaifa MA105C P1 port the measuring module from Toon is plugged in.

Can I remove the measuring module from Toon and get a Homewizard P1 and plug that into the P1 port? I guess I can not use Toon to monitor energy but I can do that with the Homewizard app and with Homey, right?

Do I still need to pay the subscription to Eneco?

Will the Toon still function as a normal thermostat?

Enexis will need permission to read the meter through the P1 right?

Any help / advise is appreciated.