Toon losing connection with Homey Insights


I have the Toon V1 thermostat with an Eneco contract connected to Homey.

In Insights however, it looses its connection. The Toon is still working fine and responding to flows I have made but just reporting in Insights stops working all the time. I have a flow to restart the Toon app but that is a shitty work around, I think.
See the flat line that keeps coming back.

Any thoughts on this?



Hi @Wim_van_Bezouw, having the same issue overhere. I am afraid that there is not much development on Toon anymore. There is example code on Github but it is hardly possible to get API keys for Toon (Eneco seem to have lost contact with the development community). Running Toon 2.0 by the way, so the Toon version is irrelevant.

So I guess getting it rooted is the best option then…

Since for all the rest Toon is working fine, I am thinking of a separate P1 application and forget about it. Toon as a thermostat and overview of solar panels is good enough. Only thing I mis is the power usage in Toon.
Since I already have some (a lot) of Plugwise, a smile would do the trick.

You could consider creating a flow where a virtual power measure sensor is fed with the Toon measured power values.
That virtual sensor appears in Insights, and that should work fine.
But then the power changes need to be always updated by Toon, and I think that is the issue you encounter…
This can be checked if the graph for the virtual device has those flat lines too.


My “Toon” (Slimmeter) and the virtual power measure device: