More than one Eneco Toon installed warning?

After Toon app upgrade to version 2.1.6 I got a warning that I have more than one Toon installed and that it’s not supported.
I just got one Toon installed.
Someone else got same warning?



Same here

I’ve had it aswel, i was already with support in conversation about the toon app not working after a few hours after adding the toon as a device.

Because of that i had to remove my toon (device) anyways so i did and added it again.
The app seems to work for me now, not only reading temps etc. but also changing them when i change them in Homey. I can finally start making some flows for it now.

Did that already work for you guys?

Pfff… After a lot trial and error got it working again.

Yesterday i got Toon working again with control temps in flows etc. But today the flow didnt work again. I dont get any errors but iT wont change temps. It is an old error but is there A fix already for the problem that toon en Homey connection losses? After restarting app iT runs again but i dont wanna restart iT every day!