Toon Beta 2.1.20

Super enthousiast about the possibilities in Homey 3.0 for power analysis in the home. Also the fact that Toon immediately was updated to show the smartmeater readings.

One thing would even make this more usefull. A lot of people are using zon op Toon to show the net PV generation (not the gross, which is available when reading the Solaredge readings). Might it be possible to add this data in the future?

I have already suggested this idea at athom. only a thank you can get. I’d say ask the question there. maybe it helps. I would also like to see it since my inverter cannot communicate with homey

Hi Richard, I could take a shot at it. Sure it will be one of the many CRs on Toon.

Just good to know I am not the only one.