Homey pro 2023 - zwave too much traffic error?

Almost all of my devices are Fibaro or Aeotec, as I moved from Fibaro HC3 to Homey, and all my devices are working as it was before the latest update, without any problems. Am I only one who has no problems? I’m more happy with Homey than I was with Fibaro HC3. Homey is more stable for me.

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Lucky you. Glad it’s working for you. Everytime when there is an update from Homey I’m having the same issues. The z-wave network is not stable. It’s also very difficult to include a device again. Now I have problems that I’m not able to include a Fibaro device at all. It;s very frustrating because you don’t know the cause and what to do about it. For me. I’m having 30 z-wave device. Need to go back to Homey pro 2019. I’m tired of the instable z-wave network.

10.0.3 was a step backwards for me.
Some devices not working at all now !
Losing patience

I deleted the entire z-wave network. There were lots of unknown notes. Start including every device again. Including is possible now and is going like it used to be. It looks promising. Lot of work but is this will be the solution I can live with that. Keep you updated

Hi @Fred_de_Goede the zwave issue should be largely resolved these days. If you’re still having issues you should reach out to the Athom technical support.

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Thanks Jamie. I wanted to make a ticket for athom. The thing is that they mention a response time from two weeks. I can’;t live with that, The thing is that I have a very stable z-wave network now. In the develeper I could see that almost every device is going straight to Homey. A huge improvement compared with before the z-wave reset, I included 19 devices. Now need to update the flows.

I haven’t put in a support ticket recently but I did see on reddit that even though it says 2 weeks, people are getting responses with in a couple of days.

I’m not a zwave expert - so perhaps I’m not sure what you mean by direct … but there are jumps there (which is actually healthy)

I don’t have an advanced mesh as I only have about 25 powered / 20 battery zwave devices - but you shouldn’t have any issues at all at this “size”.

Perhaps just needed a reset. That all said the most important factor is that it’s working for you! So I’m glad everything’s now looking good.

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Sign me up for the Z-wave issues. My devices have a hard time communicating with the hub, i have many delays. I switched from hubitat around five months ago because of all the issues it had, and i was really happy because homey seemed to be more responsive and reliable, but now its more of the same. Luckily i don’t have alot of devices so i think a reset might be my best option.

Good luck with that. They (Athom) apparently think they’ve fixed it. Not for me either. I have lots of devices and many delays and failed transmission over quite short distances. Most of the devices are mains powered but it seems to make no difference.

The only way, that helped me was a complete reset of the zwave network.

Had a lot of unkown devices after migration from my old homey that can’t be removed. This causes a lot of problems with an unstable zwave network.

After setting up everyting new, the network is working (more than 100 devices) works nice and fast

I have exactly the same situation. Alot of devices that have long transmission times, unknown devices. Endless hours of debugging. And everything worked just fine on my old homey before I migrated. Very frustrating.

I saw that too after migration. To solve it I had to remove and add the failing devices. Since then I have had no problems at all with z-wave.