Homey Pro 2019 shows old devices of Harmony hub

Hi all,
After not using my Harmony hub for a few years I am trying to add it to my Homey Pro.
First I performed a factory reset on the Harmony hub, then I added it to the Harmony app again, where my new equipment shows up as expected (Sonos, Nvidia Shield for example).
After adding it to Homey Pro (2019) with the Harmony app it shows old equipment though (receiver and tv settop box, which are not even in my home anymore for years), so I am not able to use this.
To me it looks like Homey is pulling the information from a Logitech/Harmony site, but I have no clue where it could be found. Any ideas?
Thanks a lot.

Getting information from a server without user ID and password is unlikely.
So maybe your Homey is attached to a Harmony server , and you Harmony bridge is not. So the server has not yet received the new device configuration.

Thanks, but after a few days the issue remains. I will try to find my Harmony Hub setting on the internet to see if I can change it there. Perhaps it is a bit out of service already, as it is not being sold for a few years already.
If anyone else has been able to succesfully use it on Homey Pro, or just the opposite, I would be very happy to see your experience here.