Homey keynote - 12 October 2022

As much as I do hope for new hardware, I think a dashboard is more likely.

I can hardly believe that Athom was that stupid to leak the dashboard icon on My Homey in the last keynote. And joke about it after.

They’re normally closed as a book about new features, so a dashboard must have been not long from release. Otherwise they wouldn’t have leaked it.
And it does make sense to not having to compromise anymore when using Homey in combination with Home Assistant.

My cards are on a dashboard… :smiley:


I have to agree with you Henk.
It won’t be a new Homey. With the bridge, we also knew long beforehand that something was coming. Homey could never have kept it a secret. At the latest when Zigbee or Zwave were certified, information would have appeared on the websites.
Of course, I would be happy if my suspicions were wrong.


Indeed, I see no new entries on the FCC site (yet):

I think these listing typically become publically available days/weeks before a product launch?

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Homey Pro isn’t on there either.

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That’s why I think the new Homey will be a flow controller only, to which you can pair your favo zigbee/zwave/matter/Ble/IR/433MHz controller :crazy_face:
(Whoops, sounds like some other “helper in the house”)

No Compromises anymore! That includes an Ethernet connector
EDIT YES IT IS TRUE, an optional ethernet ‘plug’.


Sounds practical. I still have a Conbee 2 and an Aeotec Z-Stick 7 in the cupboard. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Given European wide energy crisis right now I am hoping Homey ups it’s game for energy management/reporting.

That would be excellent for Homey users.

Several online shops, here in Denmark has announced that Homey Pro shouldt be back in stock in about a week. I just prepaid for one today, in hope that it’s a new model.

Don’t get your hopes up, I’m afraid.
Ordering an “old” Pro and getting a new version is not gonna happen I think.
Besides from that I really think there won’t be a new Homey (hardware) announced…

I know it’s a long shot, but I bought it in the only shop that had a number on expected units and date 19th October.
I have followed the number units for a while. A couple of weeks ago 62, this morning 16 and this afternoon 4 now 3 because I bought one.
The price is about 50$ higher than normal.
Of course I got my hopes up, it can’t be a coincidence, I can feel it in my wooden leg.

“I still have time to cancel the order”

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Given that the announcement came the day after the Matter 1.0 specification was released perhaps they’ll announce a commitment to support that.
Might have done it in a simple written statement but Athom seems to prefer these live broadcasts.

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Hopefully some new hardware. I’m still convinced a tablet like device with all the built in antennas would be great. A Homey with a screen that you can mesh together for multiple rooms and coverage.

Maybe something about the new Matter 1.0 standard?
That would be something completely new.

I would love to finally have LG ThinQ support this I really miss with the current energy prices.
that you can better regulate the air conditioning

Take a look at this neat app: Power by the Hour. You can, on top of many other things, trigger flows, energy price based.

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Homey needs to gear up for 2023, otherwise all the efforts of simply making a wonderful UI is waste.

From RAM, Storage space, to ZWave - Bluetooth Protocol, RJ45, 4G, Battery backup, Homey Pro hardware is totally outdated as compared to the competitors and latest standards, it’s high time this has to change.

Moreover, it is very bulky as compared to other tiny power horses, so a design change is also required for Homey Pro.

The software needs to have 1 MAJOR uplift of being able to connect to multiple Homey Pro or Homey Bridge in 1 setup like Master and Slave.

These are the 3 biggest limitations of HOMEY which i hope they have overcome.


Which competitors and which standards?


anyone found some clues? new domains/subdomains registered, any new FCC appliances? anything?

I’m onto something, will tell you tomorrow!


funny :stuck_out_tongue: