Homey infrared, Z-wave, ZigBee

When I am adding a new device, … always the first tab of the homey pops open. Here you can choose the IR, Z-wave or ZB.

Where do they stand for? Is it for ‘generic’ protocol devices and, if so, which devices are these? All the devices runs thru Apps. If not present or supported, the device does not connect.

So, why these first connection buttons?


I think you understand correctly.

These are the generic protocols’ I for example use one for a zigbee powerplug which does not have an app. Generic devices are very limited in scope, but its still useful.

Should the be first? I don’t know its a very valid question, they may be the simplest - but they are the least used …

Thanks for the acknowledgement. My guess was okay.

I tried to connect a Xiaomi GU10 light with the generic ZigBee connection. But is does not connect. Seems that the promise of ‘if it is wireless, it can connect’ is just one bridge too far.