Homey in big buildings (school) / calendar

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our schools are getting air filters. To control on and off for these non-smart devices we are thinking about using smart sockets (like shelly plug or plug-s - if it’s allowed). Afaik using a Homey would allow to add a calendar to schedule the sockets very dynamically (date is etc wouldnt be enough) plus we would have expanded possibilties to use those sockets.
The schools have quite a good coverage with Wifi. So if the Wifi gets set up correctly would said scenario make sense?

It is possible to control the smart plugs by means of the iCalCalendar app.
You can link a Google Calendar to it.
Then you can create flows which will be triggered by an event and additional key words.
So appointments like “air off” and “air on” can manage your systems start/stop.

With Shelly, you can use the smartphone Shelly app in case of Homey or the iCalCalendar app or Google fails.

I don’t know how crucial this system is?
You should be able to operate the smartplugs by hand without too much of a hassle.
This because Homey is not 100% reliable, WiFi isn’t, Shelly isn’t, Google isn’t.

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Thanks! Great answer.

Well, it’s not a system lifes depend on as you can always double check by facility managers. When they run too often it only costs more power until someone notices and when they dont run, teachers and FM can simply power on plus using smartphone app like you mentioned.
At least there also seems to be a 3rd party webapp for Shelly so FM could check without using smartphone (from same network). Maybe we can even use cloud for this as this isnt crucial or sensitive data.

Thank you for this very helpful answer!

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YW! Glad to hear I could help you out with this nice case.

Homey can also email or push to mobile phone, or send Telegram messages to notify someone like: Air system ran for x hours now.
And f.i Homey can shut it down every schoolday at x.xx PM regardless of the calendar events, or the other way round, if an event says ‘air on’, override the end of schoolday schedule.
Just how you program it.


Oh yes! These are really nice additions to a nice use case :slight_smile: Thanks again! :slight_smile: