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Hi all interested. I’ve released an app.

This app is for you, ike me, who wants to bring not so smart applications into Homey.
First thing it supports:

Air filters
In my case, I’m the owner of an air filter. This air filter runs service-hours on filters. It has a timer, after the timer runs out, warning is displayed which tells its time to change filters.
My air filter takes two filter - so when stock runs low - I need to order more filters.

My air filter is well hidden and display is not visible. So I have to check occationally of warnings - due to the air filter is not smart and cannot push the notification.

This app supports “air filter”. For now.
It allows you to add a “air filter” device. Setup last service and configure service-hours.
In the device-info, you can see time since last service and time till next service.
You can also setup stock - how many filters you have in store.

For your flows, this allows you to setup notifications and apply an action, when service has been done (also take number of filters off stock), which will reset the service-timer - the cycle is complete.

Next release will (hopefully) include:

  • Battery reminder routines - for thermostats (not smart - but a “clever” reminder)
  • Backup routines (Network-settings, )
  • Update routines (Raspberry Pi, Xbox - you name it)
  • Maybe routine for cleaning your oven or changing salt in your dishwasher or some other garage routines.
    All your flavors and your devices. Keyword: Schedule and reminder
    Hope this makes any sense.


This next feature is in app submission/approval.


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the video is too small. What does it do?

Use fullscreen?

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Description updated. Hope it makes sense to you.

I’ve installed the app, it is going wrong by saving service hours.

Hi, I’ve received your crash report. Looking into it right now.

@Wilfred_Greven new version is in the press. Next version will address this.

Next release (just submitted 1.1.2) is featuring:

Testversion is working (1.1.2j, thanks! :+1:

Just pushed another hotfix (1.1.3 in the app store verification process). Sorry for this.

@Wilfred_Greven from your screenshot, you provided, it looks like the attended usage.
You can rename the device to the name of your exact model/manufactorer.

Let me know if you want local translations, I can provide you the nexts in english for you to translate. An option if you like (and in case you think my english is bad) :slight_smile:

Kim, you can send me the list for translation to dutch.